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Krill Oil

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There has been lots of hype on Krill Oil being the superior (animal form) of omega 3 Essential Fatty Acid. And there is good reason for it. Most fish oils are in the form of triglycerides, where as Krill is in the form of a phospholipid. Our body can absorb and utilize a phospholipid form, twice as well as those found in the triglyceride form. So, you can get the benefit from half the dose and phospholipids can go to places (like the brain) where triglycerides cannot. (The fats in our own cell walls are in the phospholipid form). Another important factor for using Krill is that it naturally contains a powerful antioxidant known as astaxanthin which helps to prevent unpleasant burping, while protecting the oil from becoming rancid, And astaxanthin is an overall potent antioxidate. Benefits of Krill Oil: Improves brain health and moods. Reduces risk of cardiac events. Lowers cholesterol. reduces PMS symptoms. Better blood sugar control. Improves concentration and memory. Helps joint pain. More youthful looking skin. Immune and visual health. Suggested Use: 2 softgels daily. 2 softgels contain:Vitamin A 100IU, Krill Oil Blend 1,000mg, Phospholpids(with bonded Omega 3)420mg, Total Omega 3 Fatty Acids 300mg, EPA 150mg, DHA 90mg, Astaxanthin Esterfies 1.5mg. 100% Pure Eupheusia superba Antarctic Krill Oil. 60 softgels