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IP-6 Gold

Price: $17.99

IP-6 Insitol Hexaphosphate supports Breast, Colon and Prostate Cells. Inositol hexahosphate is a component of certain dietary fibers, particularly most cereal grains, legumes, and seeds high in oil. Many researchers believe that some of fiber's health benefits may be due to the antioxidant, immune enhancing and cardiovascular supporting activities of IP-6. In-vitro and animal research has shown IP-6 to have significant protective and growth regulating effects on various cells and tissues including those of the colon, breast, and prostate. 2 capsules contain: 800mg IP-6, 220mg Inositol, 150mg Calcium (from IP-6), 200mg Phosphorous (from Ip-6) 200mg, Magnesium (from IP-6) 42mg. 120 capsules